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15 June 2018: Biblical Worldview Seminar

Understand the Times
In this world of constant crisis and change, Christians must be able to understand the times and explain how God’s Word speaks to every issue of the day.

The Biblical Worldview Seminar teaches and equips Christians to critically analyse competing ideas and to stand strong in their Faith. The Seminar educates and equips participants to know what they believe, know why they believe it, know how to defend it in argument and most importantly how to win friends, neighbours, fellow students and co-workers to Christ.

Renew and Revitalise
The BWS is designed to promote a renewed vision and revitalised devotion for our personal lives, our families, our churches, our nation and the world, resulting in us returning to God in repentance, rediscovering the Biblical agenda, rebuilding the moral walls of our society and resolutely working for Reformation and praying for Revival.

Do you want to change your world?
The Biblical Worldview Seminar focuses on life changing ideas, on “understanding the times.”

Everyone has a “worldview”, a way of interpreting everything that happens in the world. The Bible has an explanation for the universe, but so do Secular Humanists, Evolutionists and New Agers. Each of these worldviews is founded on ideas. Ideas have far reaching consequences.

We see much of the world becoming worse because the Church is not practically involved. We need to be the salt of the earth and the light of the world. We need to show the world that the Christian Faith makes a positive difference in every area of life.

It is time to reclaim our Christian heritage and to demonstrate to the world that the Bible has the best answers to society's most pressing problems.

To do this, we need to understand the times in which we live and learn to effectively defend, and clearly communicate, the Gospel to a needy world.

Biblical Answers
If you want Biblical answers to the tough issues of the day and if you want to be equipped to make a difference – come to the Biblical Worldview Seminar (Friday 15 June - Sunday 17 June 2018) in Pretoria, Transvaal.

Dr Peter Hammond is the Founder and Director of Frontline Fellowship, pioneer Missionary to Mozambique, Angola and Sudan and is the Director of Africa Christian Action.

The Programme
The programme kicks off Friday evening (15 June) at 18:30. The presentation on Winning Muslims to Christ will be followed by the film

Islam Rising.

The Saturday morning programme starts at 9:00am. Presentations by Dr. Peter Hammond will include The World War of Worldviews, The Battle for the Mind in the News Media, Biblical Solutions to Poverty, Crime and Corruption and Dr David Livingstone – Setting Captives Free.

Lunch will be followed by an Evangelism Workshop, Debating Workshop and a street outreach.
On Sunday morning (17 June) Dr Peter Hammond will preach at the Worship Service (starting at 9:30am) on The Greatness of the Great Commission.

At the Sunday evening Service (starting at 18:30), Peter will conclude the seminar with a presentation on: Dr David Livingstone – The Best Friend Africa Ever Had.

Since 1991, Frontline Fellowship has been conducting Biblical Worldview Seminars and Summits in South Africa. BWS’s have now also been conducted in Zambia, Namibia, Malawi, Nigeria, Romania, Congo, Sudan, Zimbabwe and the USA. The Biblical Worldview Manual has gone through 8 revisions and is in demand on 5 continents.

"Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind…" Romans 12:2

Venue: Elim Full Gospel Church, 114 Duxbury Road, Hatfield, Pretoria.

The seminar is free. Lunch will be provided on a donation basis.

Biblical Worldview Manuals will be on sale for R50 each. Books, MP3 Boxsets, CDs and DVD resources will also be on sale.

For catering purposes, please confirm your participation by contacting: Greg Periera: Lunch will be provided on a donation basis.

Mobilise your friends and contacts in Gauteng to participate. Share the event on Facebook here. View the draft programme here.

You can make a difference!


Venue:   Elim Full Gospel Church, Pretoria
Date:   15-06-2018
Start Time:   12:00
End Time:   12:00
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List of Attendees:  
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