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18 March 2020: History Day Tour in Wellington


Postponed Until

Further Notice

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Venue  Cancelling




Andrew Murray’s Ministry in Wellington

& the 1860 Revival



Wednesday, 18 March 2020

10am – 3:30pm


Event will start at 10am with two well-researched presentations at Shofar Church, 40 Church Street, Wellington

(Presented by Dr Peter Hammond and Dr Jurie Joubert)

A picnic lunch will follow at 12:30, in the gardens of the Africa Institute.

A tour of historic sites in Wellington will then follow from 1:30pm until 3:30pm.



Andrew Murray was the most prolific author in South African history and the most blessed and successful minister, closely associated with the 1860 Revival.


Please join us for presentations by Historians and Authors, Dr Peter Hammond and Dr Jurie Joubert. This will be followed by a picnic lunch and a tour of the Moederkerk, Andrew Murray’s monument and the African Institute for Missionary Training!


Andrew Murray junior was born in Graaff Reinet on 9 May 1828. What the British government had failed to anticipate was that the Scottish Presbyterians would learn the Dutch and Afrikaans languages and, instead of converting the Cape Dutch to English, were used of God to revitalize their faith and culture in an unprecedented way.


He was the first pastor appointed to the Voortrekkers. Dealing with tough pioneering farmers Andrew quickly had to learn to keep his sermons simple, logical and practical. Being the only pastor for the Voortrekkers, Andrew was forced to adopt a leadership role. His speedy intervention prevented bloodshed as he helped negotiate the treaty between the Voortrekker leader, Andries Pretorius, and the British government.


Andrew later looked back on his 11 years of ministry amongst the Voortrekkers as invaluable training for his life-long ministry. Ministering on the frontier strengthened Andrew’s character, made him decisive in action and powerful in preaching.

He also became acutely aware of the desperate spiritual state of most in South Africa.


Anointed Preaching

Rev. Henry Taylor of the Presbyterian Church in Wellington wrote this report on Andrew Murray’s preaching: “His whole being is thrown into the task and he glows with the fervency of Spirit which it seems impossible for human flesh to sustain … audiences bend before the sweeping rain of his words, like willows before the gale. The heart within the hearer is bowed and the intellect is awed.”



Please bring a picnic lunch to enjoy with us.


Please RSVP to or 021-689-4480. You will then also receive more detailed information.






Venue:   Wellington
Date:   18-03-2020
Start Time:   10:00
End Time:   03:30
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List of Attendees:  
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