This book is great! The book is really Dr. Lloyd-Jones sermons on Ephesians 2. As such, both the content and the manner in which he handles the text are superb.

The book is is about God's way of reconciliation as the title suggests. However, it is not simply about how God reconciles sinners to himself through the work of Christ, but it also explains how sinners are reconciled to one another in the church. In fact, the book explains both what makes a true Christian and a true Church. Lloyd-Jones style is simple and straight forward. I continually rejoiced in God's grace, the privileges of being a child of God, and being part of his church at the end of each chapter.

If you are a pastor or a teacher, this book also models how to handle the biblical text especially for preaching through an entire book of the Bible. Lloyd-Jones is adept at staying with the argument of the text even though he preaches on small portions of the text. Sometimes he only preaches on one phrase per sermon, yet he does not lose the focus of the text. This is a skill I want to improve on. I'm sure I will return to this book to help improve that skill.