Unholy War: Christian Genocide in Sudan

Africa’s forgotten War – the longest war of the 20th century is still going strong in the 21st.  Since 1955, the Islamic controlled Sudanese government has been engaged in an endless terrorist campaign against the Black Christians of Southern Sudan.  In this compelling and hard-hitting motion picture you will journey into the mountains of Sudan and witness the most recent example of global terrorism perpetrated by a Muslim government against its own citizens.

What mainstream media refuses to report, is that these ongoing series of terrorist attacks are nothing short of a modern day holocaust, having already cost more than 2 million lives.  This carefully crafted report documents the latest atrocities but also tells of a courageous group of people and their attempts to bring aid to the suffering Christian’s despite the United Nations unwitting support of the oppressive government.

Perhaps most inspiring is the spotlight on a small band of believers, the Moru.  For this Christians, standing for their faith means putting oneself at risk of torture and death on a daily basis.  Yet these courageous people hold steadfast in Christ, resisting all attempts to forced conversion to Islam.  While not for the faint of heart, his is a triumphant story of hope and spiritual victory that will inspire those of us in the West to not take our freedoms for granted!

Join Frontline Fellowship founder, Peter Hammond and World Religions Expert, Caryl Matrisciana for this in-depth report from the battle line.

                                                                                                                                        2001/Color/40 Minutes