Firm Foundations For Your Faith - Series

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This compact, pocket-sized, 54-page booklet is a dynamic summary of the foundational teachings of Scripture. The Apostles Creed makes an ideal personal statement of our Biblical convictions to enable us to stand fast in the truth and be more effective in God’s service.


Which is the true day of worship for Christians - Saturday or Sunday? Listen to: the clear teachings of Scripture, the Apostles and the Early Church Fathers.


In Christ the first day Sabbath is restored to its position at Creation and man can once again rest in God’s finished work of Recreation and Redemption before he embarks on a week of obedience and service to the Lord.

Day Six

All of the days of God’s Creation week are a model for man’s worship, service, dominion and rest. The order of events on Day 6 were the Creation of land creatures (Genesis 1:24-25), the Creation of Adam (Gen 2:7), the Creation of the garden (Gen 2:8), instructions to man (Gen 2:15-17), the bringing of the animals before Adam to be named, and also to create in him a desire for his own partner (Gen 2:18-20), the Creation of Eve (Gen 2:21-25), further instructions (Gen 1:28-30), and the ending of the day with God’s declaration that everything was “Very good” (Gen 1:31). Comparing Gen 1:29-31 with the time span of Gen 2:7-21 shows that Eve was created towards the end of Day 6, in time to hear God’s blessings and commandments in Gen 1:28-31 and before the ushering in of the Sabbath.

Man’s First Day Was the Sabbath

So mankind’s first full day was God’s Sabbath Day. Day 7 of God’s week was mankind’s first day, “evening and morning”. God ended His week with rest, but God intended man to begin his week with worship and rest. From the very beginning God made clear the distinction between Creator and creature. Man must not attempt to play God by exercising dominion in his own strength and wisdom. God is our Creator and we must begin our week by bowing to Him and submitting to His instructions. It is only as we rest in God’s finished work of Creation that we can be in any position to be effective in God-honouring dominion.


There is much talk about faith, but little understanding of what faith is. Too many people think of faith as: "A blind leap into the dark" – the very opposite of reason and logic.

All too many think of faith as wishful thinking, along of the line of "wishing upon a star.”
It would seem that many people are confusing presumption with Faith.

"You ask and do not receive, because you ask amiss…" James 4:3

Many people proclaim faith today, but all too often it is fake faith. Many times, what is being promoted is faith in faith. However, Biblical Faith is all about the Object of that Faith.

You can have all the faith in the world, misdirected, and it will do you no good. It is not the amount of faith that matters, but in Whom you place your faith.

“Expect Great Things from God!

Attempt Great Things for God!”

Biblical Faith is bold and brave and has its boots on.

Do not settle for less than God's very best.