Fruitcake and Ice Cream DVD

Sometimes the best things in life are those we are not even sure we are looking for at the time, but those we realise we cannot live without in the end.

 That’s the story of Ashley, a somewhat typical college senior – loving life, partying hard and trying to balance it all with success in the classroom. Disengaged from God and turned off by most Christians she knew, unexpected events turned Ashley’s world upside down and brought a new roommate for her final semester in the University of Florida. Unpolished, and marked by unscripted authenticity, Ashley’s personal journal entries provide the backdrop for Fruitcake and Ice Cream, a message that breathes hope for the spiritually searching while providing a massive kick-start from those within the Church who carry the unrivalled story of God’s grace and truth in a darkened world.


The message heard by students around the world on the 17 city Passion World Tour.