The end of colonialism in Africa was greeted around the world with great enthusiasm. But African independence in the last forty years has not brought the many hoped-for improvements in the lives of black people. Could the new problems facing Africa actually be worse, far worse, than anything in the past? Will the colonial era one day be seen as Africa's "Golden Age?" The most developed countries in Africa lie on its southern tip. South Africa in particular is regarded as the "super power" of Africa and as the only nation on the continent to ever have attained First World status. The political developments in South Africa and Zimbabwe might decide the fate of Africa as a whole. Many of Africa's leaders today repeat a propaganda line taught to them by the Russians. They blame all of Africa's ills on white people and on Western colonialism. This is the Great African lie. If black people continue to uphold this lie, they, as an entire race, may yet be discredited by the shenanigans of Marxists and dictators on the African continent. It is time for everyone to admit the truth. This is the first step towards solving the problem.

"The South African people are being taught to believe that the ANC -or any of its members for that matter- are heroes for freeing the masses.  The truth is, however that they are an organisation that sought to exploit a political market to gain power.
Athough they were very effective at getting into power, they never had a plan for governing the country.  It was a matter of power, getting it and keeping it. BEE and AA are guises. The policies are poorly drafted and poorly implemented because they are not well conceived, not to mention the rest of the South African government's nonsensical operations. Inefficiency creates opportunities for corruption and failure. .... Lamprecht's book makes very accurate predictions of the status quo.  He understands that the happenings in South Africa are nothing new.  He knows that the ANC is totally aware of its actions although the public is kept in the dark. The true agenda is that of retaining and recycling power within the ranks of the ANC."