“Farming for me was much more than keeping a few cattle,” writes Henry Jackson, a descendent of early Zimbabwean missionaries. “It was a stance for what is right. ”Another Farm in Africa" is an account of Jackson’s life history in Zimbabwe. As a family man, businessman, farmer and minister in a traumatized community, Jackson’s story deals with his childhood in Rhodesia, the war, independence and the economic collapse of the country. In the eye of the storm he conducted sermons and wrote e-mails of encouragement to farmers facing the loss of their farms – and lives – during the farm invasions of 2000. His message was to be thoroughly tested when his dreams were shattered. Farm invaders arrived at his farm, and he was imprisoned on a fake charge. “Nothing is guaranteed in Africa,” he concludes. “Mission might sound glamorous when sitting in a nice comfortable church building in a first world country, but when in Africa you have to get your hands dirty. “Another Farm in Africa is a story of faith, courage, commitment and resourcefulness in the face of a breakdown of familiar, comforting values. It is a story about Africa, for Africa.