The Great Betrayal (Autographed)

Ian Smith, former president of Rhodesia, spares few of his opponents as gives a forthright account of one of Africa's most controversial political careers.Smith details his boyhood in Southern Rhodesia, his enlistment into the Royal Air Force and his active service during World War II. After the war,he joined the United Federal Party and initiated moves with various British governments under Macmillan and Douglas-Home. This resulted in the Unilateral Declaration of Independence, and then Britain led the world adopting sanctions against Rhodesia.He also tells how the British government's poor handling of the Rhodesian situation led to unrest in the area which Henry Kissinger tried unsuccessfully to quell. Eventually the first majority elections were held, the results of which Margaret Thatcher refused to recognise, leading to the Marxist-orientated rule of President Mugabe.;This autobiography deals with many political events that have been conveniently glossed over. It presents a fascinating portrait of one of the 20th century's most distinguished political figures.

This edition has been autographed by the author.