Episodes 4 & 5 - DVD

The ancient world of the First Century comes alive in this epic animated series from an award-winning team, with major credits on films including Star Wars and The Miracle Maker.

Friends and Heroes follows the adventures of two friends – Macky and Portia – as they fight for justice, and even survival, against the might of the Roman Empire.

Episode 4 - False Heroes - View Trailer
Macky and the family take a risk and give shelter to two men they think are fugitive rebels. Through their experiences and retelling of Bible stories Rahab and the spies, and Peter heals Aeneas and raises Tabitha we learn the importance of caring for others and remaining hopeful.

Episode 5 - True Heroes - View Trailer
After intelligence reports of rebels entering the city by sea, Tiberius orders the famous lighthouse extinguished. Through the exploits of Macky and the gang and retelling the Bible stories of Gideon and the Midianites and Jesus Birth and the Revelation to the Shepherds, we discover how important it is to make a difference and value everyone.

  • Running Time: 60 mins - 25 mins per episode plus extras
  • Includes: Episode 4 "False Heroes"; Episode 5 "True Heroes"; Showcase 1; Macky's Quizzes; Production Stills with "Looking for a Hero" - Instrumental Version