1.  When All Men Speak Well of You.

2.  Film Reviews and Learn to Discern.

3.  Education - Self-Defence.

4.  Congo River Mission.

5.  Human Trafficking Today.

6.  Persecution of Christians in Nigeria  & Mission to Zambia.

7.  Why Porn is Exploitative and Destructive.

8.  What is Real Revival?

     Cape Town for Jesus Prayer Rally.

9.  Evidences for The Resurrection.

10. Racism, Xenophobia and Hate Speech.

11. The Ultimate Goal.

12. The Importance of Ascension Day.

13. Bushman’s Rock Academy.

14. Movies, Minds and Morals.

15. Missions Report Bac with John Leach.

16. Micro University.

      Evangelism Opportunities During the World Cup.

17. But Aren’t All Religions the Same?

18. How Could a Loving God Send Anyone to Hell?

19. Answering Atheists.

20. Successes in Fighting Prostitution and Trafficking.

      Children’s Exposure to Porn.

21. Has Science Disproved the Bible?

22. Outreaches During the World Cup

23. Europe Mission

24. Women’s Day Outreaches

25. Interview with Peet Louw

     New Film Releases

26. Christian Action Groups & Fight for Life

27. Herlewing Begin Met My

28. Kerk Skeurings

29. Tuisonderwys