For most of the 30 years that Frontline Fellowship has been in operation, we have been conducting Discipleship Training camps and courses. Our discipleship books: Faith in Action, Putting Feet to Your Faith, Discipleship Handbook and Practical Discipleship had been immensely popular, frequently in demand and quickly out of print.

Some whom welcomed our latest Practical Discipleship requested a workbook. Our field workers also requested a workbook that they could use in Leadership Training courses across the border.

The result is that we can now offer a 50 page, A4 workbook: Discipleship Training Manual.

Our latest book, Practical Discipleship is practical, but this Discipleship Training Manual helps readers to practically work through, and put on paper, their adventure of discipleship as they apply these vital Biblical principles in daily life.

Unlike our Discipleship books, the Discipleship Training Manual has little teaching. Instead, it asks lots of questions. Key Scriptures and principles are scattered throughout, but most of the Discipleship Training Manual is in the form of life-mapping, forward-planning and character evaluation questionnaires.

The Discipleship Training Manual includes: