Convinced that communism had the characteristics of a disease, Dr. Schwarz commenced a study of the pathological nature of communism's basic ideas Out of his desire to educate people about what he calls the "unbeatable foe", Schwarz formed the Christian Anti-Communist Crusade. This is Dr. Schwarz's story of these events as they unfolded.


By A Customer

Dr. Fred C.Schwarz has finally done it. At least, there is a scholarly book that exposes and indicts those who are willingly followers in the ambit of American Communism. Every policy-maker should have a copy of "Beating The Unbeatable Foe," because it is a critical look at how Communism has evolved into a major threat, and it provides facts on how Red China is using their thesis of dialectical materialism to take over the world. Indeed, in Dr. Schwarz's book, we find out how our American universities have transformed into Marxist re-education camps and how the hard-core Communists are using religion to further their plans for world conquest. Dr. Schwarz and his Christian Anti-Communism Crusade deserves every American's attention. Indeed, with the help of patriotic men like Dr. Schwarz and Ronald Reagan, we have finally beaten "The Unbeatable Foe."

By A Customer

In writing this autobiography, Dr. Fred Schwarz seeks to fulfill his life motto: THAT TRUTH MAY PREVAIL. This book is a must read for anyone interested in either politics or religion. But don't expect a tedious collection of essays on why communism doesn't work. Most of us in the United States basically agree on that point. Instead, Dr. Schwarz's monumental book is a detailed history of the Christian Anti-Communism Crusade, which he founded in 1953. In a compelling manner, the Australian native explains clearly the reasons for starting the Crusade, and why it received such enthusiastic support among the American people. As a committed Christian, Dr. Schwarz also defends the Christian name of his group, showing how communism's self-stated goal was to eliminate God from the human mind. Then he covers and carefully refutes the vicious (and invariably false) character attacks aimed at him by the left-wing press and communist dupes around the world. If you're a big Ronald Reagan fanatic, you'll love this book. Even if you're a dedicated communist, you'll still enjoy the book for its great stories and amazing details about how you lost the cold war. The cost of this book is far less than the cost of not knowing this great slice of history.