1.            Resisting Babylon and the Beast

2.            A Modern Idol – "The Truth About Martin Luther King Jnr."

3.            Mandela Day and the Making of a New Religion

4.            The Islamisation of Europe and How to Stop and Reverse It

5.            How the New World Order is Hijacking Civilisation

6.            A World War of Worldviews

7.            Hollywood's Crusade Against Christianity

8.            The Worst Disaster

9.            Dealing With Deception in the Media

10.       The Homosexual Agenda in South Africa

11.       The New Paganism

12.       The Iron Curtain and the Cold War

13.       Dealing With Guilt Manipulation

14.       How Propaganda Changes Perceptions and People

15.       The Causes, Consequences and Catastrophe of WWI

16.       The Katyn Forest Massacre

17.       The Battle for the Soul of Europe

18.       The Battle for South Africa

19.       The St. James Massacre – 20 Years Ago

20.       Battlefields for Reformation Today and Strategies for Spiritual Success