Livingstone 200 Missions Manual
Combo Special

Special Combo Offer:

Also available, along with the Livingstone 200 Missions Manual is the Livingstone 200 Missions Conference Data Disc, which includes:


Christian Liberty Books is offering this new Missions Manual which include 100 pages: 15 historic black and white pictures, sketches and maps and 4 pages in full colour (Valued at R95). and power-packed data disc as a combo for only R200. Price excludes postage.

The Livingstone 200 Missions Manual, by Dr. Peter Hammond.

This large format (A4) Manual includes 15 chapters:



1.    The Greatness of the Great Commission                                   
2.    The Heart of the Gospel                                                             
3.    Slavery – What You Have Never Been Told                              
4.    The Family, Faith and Upbringing of David Livingstone           
5.    The Life and Legacy of David Livingstone                                 
6.    The Eschatology of Victory of the Greatest Century of Missions
7.    Reformation 500 FIRE – Bold New Initiative                              
8.    Henry Morton Stanley                                                                  
9.    Evangelism Workshop                                                                 
10.    Evangelising Animists                                                                
11.    Reclaiming Surrendered Ground                                                
12.    Spiritual Warfare – Freedom in Christ                                        
13.    Leaders for Africa                                                                       
14.    Are You Grateful?                                                                       
15.    Livingstone Chronology                 


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