You, your family, and your church can be prepared to answer the questions of friends, and skeptics, and to defend against the prevalent humanist culture that is invading our schools, government, and even the Christian community.

From the lies of evolution to genetic engineering, this powerful team of apologist will inspire you, and give you answers about:

    The truth concerning climate change
    How the Ark could survive all the tsunamis, storms, and upheavals during the Flood
    Evolution being the bloodiest religion ever
    The best evidences for a young creation
    Tactics of new atheists
    The intelligence of ancient man
    Whether there are transitional fossils in the fossil record
    New genetically-modified organisms
    Whether dragons were real

Many have walked away from their faith because they sought answers for what seemed a contradiction in Christian belief and scientific teaching. For those who desire a deeper walk and a thriving faith in the face of a growing cultural adversity, here is a book to spur the heart and mind to give glory to God.

The New Answers Books 1,2 and 3 will complete your Answers Series collection. They hold over ninety faith-affirming answers to some of the most challenging questions about faith, science, and the Bible!