God’s of Entertainment

The power of mass media to influence and corrupt.

Whoever controls the media controls the culture that elects the politicians who appoint the judges who shape our political, social legal rules, laws and spiritual worldview. This eye-opening DVD explains the agenda behind the power-grab of five U.S. mega-media conglomerates that control 95% of mass media and entertainment worldwide. The targets of those in power are America’s 32 million teenagers, who in the process of being bilked of their $150 billion spending potential are being seduced, enticed and brainwashed by biased media messages which dangerously twist worldviews for the worse.

Many believe the strong anti Judeo Christian bias of those in the mass media and their influence in the content of TV programs and movies is to blame for the declining values of society. Did you know that by the time teenagers are 17 years old they have spent 40,000 hours watching movies, videos, TV programs, playing video games, listening to music, and reading popular books and news stories. Thus making the mass media of entertainment among the most influential teachers of our children, and the prime source of values, spiritual instruction and behavior modification?

This DVD pulls back the curtain of the entertainment industry revealing fascinating information about the influence of media, good and bad, and equips the viewer to stand firm against its persuasive powers that can corrupt.