In this powerful declaration of what Christians believe and why, Kennedy explores the foundations of the Christian faith. For new believers and seasoned Christians alike, this book will strengthen their faith by answering that all consuming question, "Why?"

Chapter 1. Why I Believe in the Bible
Chapter 2. The Stones Cry Out
Chapter 3. Why I Believe in God
Chapter 4. Why I Believe in Creation
Chapters 5-6. Why I Believe in Heaven/ Hell
Chapter 7. Why I Believe in Moral Absolutes
Chapters 8. Why I Believe in Christ
Chapter 9. Why I believe in the Virgin Birth
Chapter 10. Why I believe in the Resurrection
Chapter 11. Why I believe in Christianity
Chapter 12. Why I believe in the second birth
Chapter 13. Why I believe in the Holy Spirit
Chapter 14. Why I believe in the Return of Christ