Carl Kerby masterfully reveals why racism continues to infect our culture. Kerby shows scores of rare images and statistics that reveal that once we understand the Bible’s historical teaching on “races” and the basics of the science behind the differences, we can easily change the way we think about people. There are no races! all humans everywhere are of equal value before God, and we are all related—part of the one human race, descendants of Adam and Eve.

The son of a professional wrestler, raised in a liberal church, Carl Kerby was steeped in the ways of the world. But the Lord used a "chance" encounter with two airline pilots (who were creationists) to change his life forever. An air traffic controller by trade, Carl's gift for interweaving spellbinding real-life stories with the truth of the Bible has made him one of the most dynamic creation speakers in America!

                                                                                     Running Time: 54 minutes