On the Shoulders of Giants:

What the Reformers Would Say to Us Today.

What the Reformers Would Say to Us Today. Bad News: Missiles are being launched at Christianity. Good News: Our Christian ancestors have already faced the same assaults.

Though they are dead, yet the Reformers speak. And they have a lot to say to us.
How do we respond to the rabid attack on justification and the Gospel?
How do we avoid making false converts?
Should we evangelicals just lighten up theologically?
What do we say to evolutionists, postmodernists and liberals?

Let Todd Friel take you on a six country European tour that will introduce you to the great
reformers who are your Christian ancestors. These men and women were too good for
this world. And yet, they were strangled, quartered and even burned to death so that we
could have the truth.

The stake where Jan Hus was burned to death.
The prison where William Tyndale translated the Bible.
The courtroom where John Wycliffe was called “monstrously wicked.”

The home of Martin and Katie Luther.
The field where George Whitefield preached to 30,000 people without a microphone.
The outdoor pulpit of the Thundering Scot, John Knox.
Your entire family will love learning about your Christian heritage as you tour Europe.
Along the way, you will be motivated to follow in the footsteps of spiritual giants. Best of
all, you will not experience jet lag, lousy exchange rates or any crabby Frenchmen.