1. The Drama of the Reformation

2. How the Reformation Changed  the World.

3. How the Reformation Changed the Church.

4. The Waldesians - Firm & Faithfull Alpine Fighters for the Faith.

5. Wycliffe- The Morning Star of the Reformation Hus - Truth Conquers.

6. Johannes Guttenburg - Inventor of the Printing Press & Albert Durer –  Evangelist and Reformer in Art.

7. Girilamolo Savonarola - Reformer & Martyr - Anne  Askew - Daughter of the Reformation.

8. Martin Luther – Captive to the Word of God.

9. The Reformation in England.

10. The Reformation in Switzerland.

11. John Knox – The Reformer of Scotland.

12. William Farel – Fiery Debater and Evangelist.

13. The Life and Legacy of John Calvin.

14. Reformed Evangelist – Piere Viret, William Farel, Phillip Melanchthon, Martin  Bucer.

15. The Reformation Roots of Western Civilization.

16. Biblical Foundations for the Five Points of Calvinism.

17. The Reformation Roots of Science.

18. Gustavus  Adolfus – The Lion from the North.

19. Queen Elizabeth 1

20. George Frederic Handel and Johan Sebastian Bach.

21. Oliver Cromwell and the English Civil War.

22. George Whitefield and The Great Evangelical Awakening.

23. Jonathan Edwards ant The Evangelical Awakening.

24. Charles Spurgeon – The Puritan Prince of Preachers.

25. Practical Steps to Reformation.

26. First Things First.

27. Battlefields of Reformation.

28. Jonathan Edwards and the Great Awakening.

29. Charles Spurgeon - The Puritan Prince of Preachers.

30. Practical Steps to Reformation.

31. First Things First.

32. Battlefields for Reformation.

33. FIRE - A Bold New Initiative for Reformation Today.