Introduction - Sola Scriptura - PH

 Chapter  1          A Useful Instrument - DF

Chapter     2          Why We Don’t Preach - JC

Chapter      3          Biblical Preaching - JC

 Chapter     4          Types of Biblical Preaching - JC

 Chapter     5          How Not to Preach - JC

  Chapter    6          Preaching with Power - JC

 Chapter     7          Biblical Interpretation - HC

Chapter      8          Considering Context - HC

Chapter      9          Observation and Interpretation - HC

 Chapter    10        Theological Principles and Applications - HC

Chapter      11        Interpretation Example - 1 Peter 2:9-10 - HC

Chapter      12        Practical Preaching Preparation - DF

 Appendix 1: Effective Public Speaking - PH

 Appendix 2: M28 Bible Discovery

 Appendix 3: Sermon Example: Divine Relationships

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"Biblical Preaching Handbook delivers on the title, but offers so much more. It is contextualized for African pastors, with contributions from several local authors. This essential tool defends and explains the superiority of expository preaching, offering a journey that begins with the motivation of preachers to glorify God, not themselves or other human beings, and moves through sound principles for interpretation (eschewing, for example, allegory and pulpit bullying). By God’s grace, I pray Biblical Preaching finds a wide readership, and is used by the Holy Spirit to spark renewal. "

John DelHousaye, PhD

Associate Professor of New Testament and Spiritual Formation, Phoenix Seminary

Phoenix, Arizona (U.S.A)


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