SOLA SCRIPTURA! was the battle cry of the Reformation. Scripture alone is our ultimate authority. However, while Christians claim to believe the Bible few have read the whole Bible. Surprisingly few pastors can articulate the central message and clear distinctives of each Book of the Bible.

When last did you read through every book of the Bible?
If asked, could you explain where each Book fits in the broad sweep of Redemption history?
How well do you know the Word of God?

Join Dr. Peter Hammond as he explores the Book of Books, God’s Word, the Bible.

288 pages, with 32 pictures, maps and charts

Also available as an E-book

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The New Testament Survey Book

The Bible is the greatest Book ever written. It is the most valuable Book in the world. The Bible is the most inspiring Book in all of history and it is the most important Book ever written. There is no question that the Bible is the most life changing Book ever written. “…But the Word of our God stands forever.” Isaiah 40:8
304 pages with 14 pictures


The New Testament Survey MP3 

31 MP3 audio Sermons 
(25 hours 38 min) and  a PDF book 
of the New Testament Survey



The Old Testament Survey MP3

42 MP3 Audio Sermons (29 Hours) and 
a PDF book of the Old Testament Survey 




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