Five hundred years ago, the Catholic priest and monk Martin Luther nailed his "Ninety-five Theses" on the church door in Wittenburg, Germany to publicly protest against what he saw as Medieval Roman Catholicism's abusive practices in the sale of indulgences. From this disputation came the start of the Protestant Reformation, a movement that not only transformed Europe, but would eventually change the face of Christianity the world over. Nearly a billion Christians today find their roots in this protest movement.

In Christ Alone takes a brief look at the five theological pillars of this Reformation and how each applies to believers today. This marvelously written book highlights key Scripture verses, historical elements and the five sola statements. Its superb craftsmanship is visible from the inside out with stitched luxleather and gold foiled title. The creatively designed emblem represents the key themes with Christ as the center.  

This gift book contains 132 gilt-edged pages in two color printing. Its features include a ribbon page marker and presentation page for gift giving. Celebrate your faith as you take a historic walk through scripture and Martin Luther's writings. This celebratory book makes the perfect gift for students, missionaries, families or anyone needing a reminder of their faith's foundation.