By God's grace, the Livingstone Fellowship Reformation 500 Hymn Book is now available from Christian Liberty Books.


The Highest Praise

Congregational singing remains one of Martin Luther’s most enduring legacies. “Next to the Word of God, music deserves the highest praise,” wrote Luther. “…I would gladly see all art, especially music, in the service of Him who has given and created them.”


Essential for Teachers and Pastors

Professor Martin Luther himself was a well-trained musician with a fine voice. He played the lute, composed intricate hymns and was well-acquainted with the works of leading composers of his day. “I always love music; who so has skill in this art and is of a good temperament, is fitted for all things. We must teach music in schools; a schoolmaster ought to have skill in music, or I would not consider him. Neither should we ordain young men as preachers, unless they have been well-exercised in music.”


Proclaiming God's Word Through Music

Martin Luther insisted that we are to “praise God with both Word and music.” “God has preached the Gospel through music.” People need to hear and sing the Word of God in their own language, so that they might be edified.


Reforming Worship

Before the Reformation, singing was done in Latin and only sung by choirs. Martin Luther made singing a central part of Protestant worship. He assigned all singing to the congregation. Martin Luther would regularly call the whole congregation into church during the week for congregational rehearsals so that the people could learn new hymns. “Let everything that has breath praise the Lord.” Psalm 150:6


To Fulfil the Great Commission

Martin Luther referred to examples like Moses praising God in song, following the crossing of the Red Sea and David who composed many of the Psalms. “Music is a vehicle for proclaiming the Word of God.”


A Sacrifice of Praise

In 1527, during one of the most trying times in Luther’s life, when he suffered severe illnesses for eight months of that year, with his entire body in pain, the plague erupting in Wittenberg, with many friends having died, his home was transformed into a hospital. Surrounded by sickness and death, Martin Luther took time to remember the 10th anniversary of his publication against indulgences.


A Mighty Fortress

A Mighty Fortress is our God, based on Psalm 46, was composed during this time of severe trial. It has endured as one of the most popular and most translated hymns in history. “And though this world with devils filled, should threaten to undo us, we will not fear, for God has willed, His truth to triumph through us. The prince of darkness grim? We tremble not for him. His rage we can endure, for lo his doom is sure, one little Word shall fell him.”


To Revitalise Our Worship

As we seek to learn from the Biblical principles of the Protestant Reformation, it is vital to reform our worship and our personal devotional lives. For this purpose, the Reformation 500 Hymn book is offered for congregations, missions, families and Christian schools, to teach some of the great hymns of the Reformation, the time of the Puritans, of the great Evangelical Awakening and the greatest century of Missions.



A Fountain and Treasure of Inspiration

These hymns are a treasure of the Church and will enrich our devotional lives and our worship, inspiring greater missionary vision to make disciples of all nations, teaching obedience to all things that the Lord has commanded.


Resource for Reformation and Revival

The Livingstone Fellowship Reformation 500 Hymn book (including 146 Hymns, The Lord’s Prayer, The Apostles Creed, The Nicean Creed and Scriptures on Worship) has been many years in preparation and also includes A Mighty Fortress is our God in German, French, Afrikaans and inspiring Scripture verses and Creeds to enrich our Faith and worship. Available for R88 each from Christian Liberty Books, PO Box 358, Howard Place 7450, Cape Town, South Africa, Tel: 021-689-7478, Fax: 086-551-7490, Email: and Website:



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