The thesis of this book is very simple. It is that Communists are Communists. I intend to show that they are exactly what they say they are; they believe what they say they believe; their objective is the objective they have repeatedly proclaimed to all the world; their organization is the organization they have described in minute detail; and their moral code is the one they have announced without shame. Once we accept the fact that Communists are Communists, and understand the laws of their thought and conduct, all the mystery disappears, and we are confronted with a movement which is frightening in its superb organization, strategic mobility and universal program, but which is perfectly understandable and almost mathematically predictable. In the battle against Communism, there is no substitute for accurate, specific knowledge. Ignorance is evil and paralytic. The best intentions allied with the most sincere motives are ineffective and futile if they are divorced from adequate knowledge. Consider a mother who has a small daughter to whom she is devoted. For this daughter she is determined to do all that a mother may do. She feeds her a well-balanced diet to build a healthy body; she provides the finest education to develop her mind; she cares for her spiritual well-being, and gives her a lovely home. In the environment of this young girl, there are men who specialize in gaining the confidence of little girls by giving them candy and enticing them into automobiles to molest them. If the mother neglects to give her child the specific information to meet such a situation, she will fail in her duty, and all her loving care will count for nothing when the crisis comes. There is no substitute for specific knowledge.

It is the purpose of this book to give that knowledge. Some of it is a little technical. Some of it may seem a long way from the everyday needs and activities of life. Nonetheless, the information contained in it is essential to survival.

The statement is frequently heard: "You cannot trust the Communists!" This is incorrect; you can trust the Communists.

They are extremely trustworthy. You can trust a cancer cell to obey the laws of its lawless growth. You can trust an armed bank robber to take the money and try to escape. Similarly, you can trust the Communists to act in accordance with the laws of their being.

When people operate according to clearly defined principles, they are both trustworthy and predictable. While we continue to believe that the Communists think, feel and believe as we do, the Communist movement is, as Winston Churchill described it, "a riddle wrapped in an enigma." The movements of the heavenly bodies appeared mysterious and unpredictable till Copernicus discovered the governing laws. When we understand the philosophy of Communism, the unifying purpose concealed in their frequently chaotic and contradictory conduct is revealed.




Dr. Fred Schwarz is one of America’s great heroes. In his 50 years of work in the United States, he trained a whole generation to recognize the evil and the danger of Communism at home and abroad. He was a major force in building the conservative anti-Communist movement and in supporting Ronald Reagan’s goal of defeating the “evil empire.”
—Phyllis Schlafly

America is at a crossroads. Nothing could be more important to our Nation’s survival as a free republic than the ideas expressed in this book. Its publication brings afresh to a new generation the work of a pioneer scholar, Dr. Fred Schwarz, and his able successor, Dr. David Noebel, in a timely way that could save America from its impending moral and economic collapse. I was first stirred to apologetic action by Dr. Schwarz a half century ago. His messages against the encroachment of Socialism are as needed now as they were then. Every able Christian should carefully ingest and courageously act upon the message of this book.
—Dr. Norm Geisler
An Australian doctor said, "the three basic tenets of Communism are atheism, evolution, and economic determinism." Then he said, “The three basic tenets of the American Public School system are atheism, evolution, and economic determinism.” Four years later Dr. Fred Schwarz wrote his masterpiece You Can Trust the Communists (to Be Communists). The republication of this book could not be more timely as America decides whether to follow its Christian fore bearers or once again test the poisonous waters of Marx, Lenin, Mao, Castro, Alinsky, and their swarming collectivist agents and "useful idiots" in their relentless attempt to dethrone God and destroy Capitalism.
— Dr. Tim LaHaye


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