Few things sound more soothing than a gentle rush of water cascading upon the rocks below. And like that calming solace comes Refresh, Renew, Revive, edited by H.B. London Jr. It abounds with warmth, understanding, and gentle persuasion to encourage your spirit, strengthen your loved ones, and revive your heart for ministry. REFRESH … yourself – heart, mind, and soul – with inspirational words from John Maxwell, John Trent, George Barna, and many other respected Christian leaders. Though the wisdom of their experience, you’ll be edified and uplifted. You’ll realize that you’re not alone. And, like the cool mist of a waterfall, you’ll feel God’s hand on your life. RENEW … each member of your family with practical tips for daily living. You’ll be reminded of the importance of priorities, and where your family should fall on that list. Along with tips for enhancing relationships with your spouse and each of your children, you’ll be equipped to protect both your personal time and the hours you’ve set aside for them. REVIVE … your love for the Father and your heart for the pastorate. With personal accounts from men who have endured many doubts, trials, and hardships, this book will show you how to handle the obstacles that are bound to deter your work. And as you’re Reaffirmed in your calling to serve, you’ll find not only help and guidance, but hope and assurance, too.