Darwin's Deadly Legacy Dvd! Coral Ridge Ministries, 60min. The chilling impact of Darwin's Theory of Evolution. Darwin's Deadly Legacy looks at the grim social impact of Charles Darwin's idea that all life is the product of time and chance. That theory - never proven and now increasingly discredited - laid the foundation for genocide in Nazi Germany, Adolt Hitler, a disciple of Darwin, tried to speed up evolution by subjecting some 12 million men, women, and children to a horrible death in the Holocaust. D. James Kennedy.

With the recent shift of education to indoctrination with naturalistic humanism (atheism) in the public schools and the forced insertion of a national religion (Darwinism) in the public arena by the courts, this video reveals that ideas do indeed have consequences. While discussion has been limited to only one side, the evidence is in: Darwin has had unintended consequences with catastrophic results. See also: Ben Stein, "Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed", a DVD.           

                                                                                              Gary B. Lee