Dr. Morey explains in detail why all gods cannot be the same. He also gives a history of the various views of god/God from the ancient and modern philosophers to the ancient and modern pagan views.

You will see why the gods of the cults and philosophers could not exist in a logical way. You will also see why the God of the Bible could not have been dreamed of by man. Since man could not invent Him - well you draw the conclusion!

By the time you are done reading this book you will have the answer to one of lifes most basic questions. Is there a God and if there is, Who is He?

This is truly a book for the open minded person. But beware, keeping an open mind serves the same purpose as keeping an open mouth - to clamp down on something solid!

If you like this book you will also want to read The New Atheism and the Errosion of Freedom as well as Studies in the Atonement by Dr. Morey. Dr. Gordon Clark has also published a similar book called Religion, Reason and Revelation.

                                                                                            Anonymous review.