Paganism is quickly becoming the most influential ideology in both Europe and America as millions practice it worldwide. Many are still active members of the Christian Church. The Law of Attraction, the power behind The Secret is examined with a shocking conclusion! Research is brought to life with dramatic unmasking of it’s original author and ties to Alchemy .

This documentary explores an ever-growing hysteria focusing on the supernatural. The 21st century is undoubtedly marked by such blockbuster hits as the Harry Potter Series and Twilight Saga, not to mention HBO’s wildly popular vampire series True Blood. What are the ties, if any, between our current infatuation with these other worldly beings and the ancient beliefs of Paganism? Have we fallen victim to the masquerade of Pagan ideals?

This film investigates the recent changes in society and a revival of ancient beliefs manifesting every year in the Nevada desert. With footage from the Burning Man to the celebration of the Occultic festival of Saween, also known as Halloween, this film draws a comprehensive image of the impact of Paganism on our culture.

Recorded in Britain, India, and the United States, this film brings together over 30 years of research and interviews with Occultic experts, high-ranking witches, druids, and a former vampire. It gives viewers an understanding of the roots and dangers of this newly branded strain of paganism with exclusive footage of real-life ceremonies from the heart of England, featuring druidic rituals from Stonehenge and many witch covens .

Former Occultists share their testimonies, responding to the lure of Wicca by describing the devastating bondage in their own lives. They conclude with deliverance through the life-changing authority of the one True God. They compare the deceptive experiences in the occultwith the Peace and Joy now found in Jesus the Messiah, a showcase of His mercy and incomparable power.

                                                                                                                          Running Time: 65 minutes