Glo Bible is a Bible software tool for computers to help learn and understand through interacting with the original Hebrew and Greek text. Glo Bible features the whole of the NIV Bible, KJV with British spelling, grammar and punctuation. You can also click on applications that allow you to see the places across the world where certain events took place.

Applications Available on Glo Bible.

There are several applications available to use on Glo Bible that make bible studies fun and interesting.

Timeline application allows users of Glo Bible to view where events happened chronologically and in context with one another through a zoomable interface.
There is an atlas in Glo Bible where major stories and locations of the Bible appear geographically with a zoomable Google-maps style interface along with map overlays, tours, photos, and videos from experts. Glo Topical allows you to find relevant verses from the bible and articles of subjective matter are searchable by keyword and include commentary from leading authors, scholars and other experts.

With Glo, there is a huge collection of media to browse through, including HD video, virtual tours, articles, high-resolution photos, artwork, maps, and historical animations.

You can also personalise your reading plan in Glo Bible with MyGlo. This is a special section that saves all your notes, experiences and content. MyGlo also includes a Bible reading plan to help you track your progress and set Bible reading goals.

Glo Bible stays current and is always up-to-date with new content being added all the time. Glo Bible is a living, breathing Bible resource that makes your reading relevant and meaningful. Glo Bible is a great educational devise for anyone learning the bible who wants to learn every part of the gospel and keep up to date with current Christian news and events.

PC system requirements:
Microsoft windows XP, Vista, or Windows 7 operating system with the latest service pack installed
Dual core processor
1 GB RAM for Microsoft Windows XP or 2GB RAM for Vista or Windows 7
At least 18GB of free hard disk space
ATI or NDVIDIA video graphics card with Microsoft DirectX 9 support
Internet connection
DVD-ROM drive

Excellent resource to deepen your knowledge - Dean, Preacher / Teacher, Rochford

This is an amazing product and far better (in my opinion) than any other multimedia bible I have used. The software is excellent and the content is wonderful - the only downside is the spec of the PC needed to install it and the install time - it takes 3-5 hours to install on a high spec dual-core pc, requires fast broadband access as part of the install and also to download updates and additional free content. Many PC’s will not be able to run this so check that your PC meets the following spec: * Microsoft Windows® XP, Vista®, or Windows 7 OS with latest service pack installed. (required) * An internet connection. (required) * At least 18GB of free hard disk space. (required) * Dual Core Processor. (required) * 1GB RAM for Microsoft Windows XP, or 2GB RAM for Vista or Windows 7. (required) * ATI or NVIDIA video graphics card with Microsoft DirectX 9 support. (required) * DVD Rom Drive. (required) If your PC does not meet this spec its worth buying a new PC just to run this software!!!!