1. Why Do We Need a Biblical Worldview?

2. Sudan

3. The Crusades vs Jihad

4. Discerning Between True and False Guidance

5. God and Government

6. Evangelism Workshop

7. How Christianity Impacted the World

8. Your Sin Will Find You Out (English/Zulu)

9. Missions in The Bible

10. The Greatness of the Great Commission

11. David Livingstone - The Greatest Friend Africa Ever Had

12. What Does it Take to Succeed in Missions

13. Understanding Hinduism

14. William Carey - The Father of Modern Missions

15. Faith in Action

16. The Challenge of Missions

17. Understanding Islam

18. Q & A

19. Do You Have a Vision?

20. The Mountains of God (English/Zulu)

21. What is The Difference Between Christianity and All Other Religions?

22. Why is There Evil in the World?

23. Give Me That Mountain

24. Andrew Murray and the 1860 Revival

25. Marvels in Creation and Science

26. God’s Word and God’s World

27. Hollywood’s Crusades against Christianity

28. Devotion - The Word of God

29. God’s Law of Chaos

30. Worldviews in Conflict

31. A World War of Worldviews

32. The Battle of the Mind in the News Media

33. Evangelism Explosion

34. Revival Amidst Persecution in Sudan

35. True and False Guidance

36. Dealing with Guilt Manipulation

37. South Africa and the Day of the Covenant