The 1859 Revival by Ian R K Paisley. 

In my opinion, no other work on the '59 Revival contains such interesting material or detailed description. Here indeed is God's plenty - humor, pathos, physicial prostation and best of all, wonderful descriptions of real and glorious conversions. During the wonderful year 1859 it would be an underestimate to number the decisions for Christ at 100,000!" "Dr. Paisley is no mere doctrinaire professor or armchair philosopher. He is a serving soldier of the Lord Jesus Christ on the battle-field of life. Wherever he goes in Ulster, God blesses his message to the salvation of souls. Dr. Paisley would be the first to agree that there is no reason why Ulster should not witness even more glorious awakening to spiritual realities, and this God-inspired book is calculated to further that glorious prospect." Dr. H.H. Aitchison