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"The timeless truths of Biblical discipleship need to be proclaimed in every generation. ’If you want to be My Disciple...’ is always linked to the day-to-day outworking of following Christ in one’s secret life, family life, community life and in every other field."
’If we have not evidenced a dramatic transformation in our beliefs, moral standards, way of life, behaviour and conduct then it is doubtful if we are even forgiven.’ This new book lays out the every-day practicality of being a disciple of our Lord Jesus Christ.
"The central theme of Repentance offers hope and renewed faith, grace and victory. Our Lord’s command to ’go and diciple every nation’ is a command to every believer. And this new book is a learner’s manual with very practical tools for every generation.
"As with many of Dr. Peter Hammond’s other books, he looks at the crucial importance of genuine Revival. The final four chapters: ’Heart Cry  for Revival’, ’The Ulster Revival of 1859’, Revival in the Bible and in History’ and ’Andrew Murray and the 1860 Revival’ are well worth reading again and again.
"It should always humble us to realize that Revival is a sovereign act of God but also includes the practical promises that go hand-in-hand with discipleship. Would that God stir up a fresh agonizing Revival.

"From the INTRODUCTION by Rev. Erlo Stregen
Mission KwaSizabantu


Dr. Hammond


Thank you for writing and compiling the book Practical Discipleship. It has been well worth reading it. I have been encouraged by the fact that all the different topics were so clearly backed up with Scripture.

I have also been challenged to take God at His Word, to more earnestly read God’s Word and to pray God’s Word.


God bless



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