Walking in the Law of the Lord

Written in an irenic fashion, this philosophical address fills a crucial gap in Christian ethics, explaining the basics of the doctrine of Sola Scriptura and its application to every area of life. Discover that Scripture truly is sufficient for all faith and practice, from law and government to the home. A great primer for pastors, students, and fathers.

Written by William O. Einwechter, Walking in the law of the Lord: An Introduction to the Biblical Ethics of Theonomy, is an excellent book on Thenomy (or God’s Law). We live in a world that is at war with the holy law of God. Even many Christians seem to have a distaste for the fact that God commands obedience to his Word. Pastor Einwechter argues that the scriptures alone are sufficient for our choices in ethics and morality.

His basic thesis is that ultimately you have a choice between to forms of law: Man’s law (Autonomy) or God’s Law (Theonomy). There is no middle ground, there is no other choice. You either obey God or man.

A wonderful book arguing from the Scriptures concerning the importance of God’s law in our lives today! I would highly recommend it!