Best Seller on the Revival in KwaZulu Back in Print

A new updated edition of the classic God Among the Zulus book has been published. This inspiring book includes 23 rare colour pictures of the cowshed in Mapumulo where God’s mighty Revival blessings were poured out upon the prayer meeting, pictures of KwaSizabantu Mission in the early 1980s, the first co-workers group, fire services, the KwaSizabantu choir, youth conferences and aerial photographs of the growth of the Mission.


This year Rev. Erlo Stegen celebrates 60 years in ministry. Probably no man of God in South Africa since Andrew Murray has had such Revival blessings acompany his ministry. The Revival in KwaZulu since 1966, has resulted in spectacular conversions of witchdoctors, murderers and people from every walk of live, transformed lives and launched dynamic ministries throughout the world.


Author Dr. Kurt Koch has ministered in over 100 countries, lecturing at universities, seminaries, Bible schools and Churches on all 5 continents. God Among the Zulus is one of Dr. Kurt Koch’s over 100 books and brochures. There have been over 96 translations of Dr. Kurt Koch’s books into foreign languages. Dr. Koch has been acclaimed as one of the world’s leading authorities on demonology, the occult and on true and false Revivals. He has visited and investigated many Revival sites around the world and critically investigated spiritual movements.


God Among the Zulus particularly focuses on the mighty move of God experienced between 1966 and 1976. It is an inspiring account of spiritual warfare, answers to prayer, deliverances from bondage, healings, conversions and transformed lives.


This bestselling book has long been out-of-print, but much in demand. Christian Liberty Books is pleased to make available, for a new generation, this classic book of a genuine and dynamic Revival which continues to impact multitudes of lives to this day.

                                                                                                        270 Pages with 23 Colour Pictures