Soldiers for Christ

01 King Alfred the Great
02 How the Vikings were Won to Christ
03 Understanding the Crusades
04 The Crusades vs Jihad
05 The Waldensians – Firm and Faithful Fighters for the Faith
06 Ulrich Zwingli – Reformer of Zulrich
07 The Drama of the Reformation
08 Gustavus Adolphus – The Lion from the North
09 Oliver Cromwell and the English Civil War
10 The Great Siege of Malta
11 The Battle of Lepanto
12 The Battle of Blood River
13 The Anglo Zulu War of 1879
14 The First Anglo Boer War
15 General Charles Gordon
16 Henry Morton Stanley
17 Rhodesia’s Resistance against Communism
18 The Battle for South Africa
19 Evangelising in the War Zones of Rwanda and Nuba Mountains
20 Evangelising in the War Zones of Mozambique and Angola
21 The Collapse of Communism
22 Warfare and the Word
23 Conflict and the Christian