From the Back Cover

“Islam’s race to win the world was detoured for about four hundred years, but now it is back on track to achieve our goal—the setting up of a worldwide [community of Islam.]”

—Muslim leader in Europe

The unfolding conflict between Islam and the West is not just a clash of cultures—it is a head-to-head confrontation between a religion intent on world dominance and a culture confused and unsettled by rising hatred and violence.

In this revealing book, a veteran Christian missionary to the Muslim world examines the rapid worldwide growth of Islam and credits it to a well-financed missions strategy. This “loose strategy” is advanced through three tactical methods: jihad (holy war), Da’wah (missions), and mosques (presence).

William Wagner’s analysis includes an overview of Islamic philosophy and methodology, writings from the secular press, and quotations from Islamic writers. His conclusions about Islam’s growth, which is neither spontaneous nor accidental, should spur Christians on to become much more active in living out their faith and proclaiming the truth found in Jesus Christ.


"This book is well-written though the truth is not always easy to absorb. The book lays out Islam's plans for world dominance -- often using Christianity's own methods, the importance of Muslim presence -- why they build mosque as quickly as possible in a location, the social implications of Islamic Law (Shariah) -- a scary proportion, the role of fear in Islam -- fundamental, and much more. In a culture that seems to be embracing the press release, sanitized, version of Islam, this book reveals the truth with balance and truth and without hate. Every Christian who wants to discern truth from rhetoric should read this book." (Carolyn R. Sheidies Author's Choice Reviews )

William Wagner (Th.D., University of South Africa; D.Miss., Fuller Theological Seminary) is professor of missions at the Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary and vice president of the Southern Baptist Convention. For more than thirty years he served as a missionary with SBC’s International Mission Board. During that time, he was chairman of the Muslim Awareness Committee of the European Baptist Federation. In addition to teaching, he travels and speaks extensively in the Middle East and Europe, training missionaries for ministry to Muslims.

                                                                                                                            288 pages