Unlock the mysterious code of making your wife truly happy!

Every man needs a woman; he needs a helper, a best friend, an encourager and certainly a passionate lover. Most men marry a lovely lady and then find out she is not equipped to satisfy all of his needs. A woman is complicated being; her complex needs have to be met before she will desire to meet yours. Most men need instructions to break the code of what might drive his woman to delight in pleasing him. Unfortunately nature doesn’t hand out a how-to instruction manual, but now there is one available.

Mike and Debi Pearl are international bestselling authors of over 30 books that have been translated into over 32 languages. Debi says, “Mike has earned the right to write the manual on marriage as he has given me over 40 years of a sweet, loving marriage.”


In recent years, men have been given a lot of mixed messages as to what it means to be a man, husband, or father. Men hate mixed messages. Just tell us like it is (or should be) without all of the extra verbiage. Thats exactly what Mike Pearl does in eli

About the Author

Michael Pearl and his wife Debi have been married since 1971. They have five children and nineteen grandchildren. They currently run the No Greater Joy Ministries. Between them, they have authored sixteen books and eight booklets which combined, have sold millions of copies. They have been published into 30 languages. They also write a 32 page bi-monthly magazine with a circulation of over 55,000.
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