This title offers 101 probing questions...101 compassionate and scriptural answers from Focus on the Family's Mike Haley. Almost daily we hear news reports that confirm the acceptance of homosexuality in our culture. Homosexuals are adopting children, appearing as characters on television programs, taking vacations catering to an exclusively gay clientele, and even seeking the right to "marry" their partners. But is this acceptance healthy for society? Few topics can raise so many questions so quickly. And for many readers, those questions hit close to home as they learn of the homosexuality of a loved one or close friend. Here are the answers to the most often asked questions about homosexuality, fielded by an expert on the subject...and a former homosexual himself.

About The Author

Mike Haley is the manager of the Homosexuality and Gender Issues Department at Focus on the Family and also serves as Chairman of the Board of Exodus International - North America. He has an undergraduate degree in Christian education from Biola University and is pursuing a Master's degree in counseling. Mike and his wife, Angie, are the parents of two young sons.