He Ignited a Flame of Faith in Ireland

He's been shrouded in myth for centuries, but who is the real Saint Patrick of Ireland?

This DVD explores the true story behind the legends and inspects the life of a real man who most likely lived in the 5th century. As a sixteen-year-old boy he was captured and sold as a slave to Ireland. In the loneliness of his captivity he encountered the freedom of God's grace. After escaping enslavement he returned home, but in an astonishing twist, he clearly heard God's call to return to Ireland and bring the Gospel to his former captors.
With a combination of fiery boldness and gentle compassion he pushed back the forces of darkness and lit the flame of faith in pagan Ireland. Learn about Patrick's extraordinary life in this docu-drama featuring enlightening interviews with noted scholars and captivating reenactments of Patrick's life.
                                                                             Run Time: 45 Minutes