Many churches, riding the faddish waves of our times, have gone to market , but not all. Some churches are trying to stay home , that is, remain firmly grounded in the Scriptures. Still, the pressures mount, the temptations are repackaged, and the schemes of the world become more and more persuasive.

In This Little Church Stayed Home, Dr Gilley explores the manifold temptations of conservative churches to sell out to modern trends and innovations, including the present temptation towards mystical theology. Churches toying with new measures will be challenged to remain true to the historic doctrines of the Christian faith and to remain faithful to God s chosen means of converting sinners to himself: the good news of Jesus Christ.

Pastors, seminary students, church leaders and Christians who want God s Word to be paramount in their lives will find This Little Church Stayed Home a timely message to a Christian subculture fixated on marketing the glorious gospel of Jesus Christ.

About the Author

Dr Gary E. Gilley has pastored at Southern View Chapel since 1975. Along with his preaching and teaching ministry, he is also the author and editor of the monthly contemporary theological issues publication Think on These Things. In addition to speaking at various conferences throughout the country and overseas, Dr Gilley serves on the respective advisory boards of the Illinois Bible Church Mission and the Brazil Gospel Fellowship Mission. He is a graduate of The Moody Bible Institute and Cambridge Graduate School, both in the U.S. He is also the author of This little Church Went to Market.