Everyone needs genuine friendships.  Everyone needs help from time to time. But sometimes it requires hard work.

Bunny was known for his kindness. Whenever he had an opportunity to help others, he would.  One day a heavy storm raged and destroyed all the animals’ homes. But Bunny had a bigger problem. One of his children was swept away by the flood. He asked the other animals for help, but no one would help him, except beaver. He realized that little Bunny’s life was more important than anything else, and saved him.

The True Friend helps children distinguish between real and fair-weather friends.

Parental guidelines by Gary Chapman where he discussed the importance of discerning between healthy and superficial friendships are provided. Practical discussion questions that link the story with biblical principles are also included.

The True Friend will show children that real friends are always there for you, and also teach them to be real friends to others.