Humanism or Christianity?

What do those who call for an "Africa Renaissance" mean? Is it the humanism of the European Renaissance that culminated in the French Revolution and the Soviet gulags? Or are they desiring a return to the pre-Christian paganism that afflicted Africa prior to the spread of the Gospel?

South Africa is at a crossroads. One choice before us is "African Renaissance" with witchdoctors jumping up and down at state events, legalized abortion, pornography, prostitution, gambling, social engineering in schools, racial quotas in the workplace, situation ethics, gun control and out of control crime and violence.

Repression or Revival

The other choice before us is for a Biblical Reformation. Those nations that enjoy the most civil liberty and economic prosperity are those lands which apply the principles of God’s Word to every area of life.

This positive and practical book shows how ideas have consequences. The inevitable consequences that flow from humanism are very tangible and very tragic. An "Africa Renaissance" which eradicates God and His Law from our society would devalue human life and erode the only possible foundation for true freedom and justice.

South Africa must discover the Christian work ethic and limited decentralized government - with genuine separation of powers and serious checks and balances - and other Reformation principles if liberty and justice are to flourish in our country. The choice is ours:

Quo Vadis South Africa


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