False Gods of Our Time

This informative docu-drama, featuring Dr. Norman Geisler, provides an antidote to the bombardment of erroneous and confusing philosophies which are presented convincingly as truth and undermining Biblical Christianity.  Some of these philosophies include atheism, The New Age, humanism, the occult, evolution, and false signs wonders.

False Gods of Out Time provides biblical evidence to demonstrate that there are sound intellectual reasons for a Christian worldview.  Three years in the making and filmed on four continents.

“A superbly crafted series, excellent defense of the Christian faith, a splendid evangelistic tool. I commend this effort highly and expect great things from its use.” Dr.Harold Lindsell

“A Biblical apologetic presented in a way that every Christian can understand.”  Dr. David Breese

“An indispensable and brilliant defense of the true claims of the Christian faith.”  Dr. Paige Patterson

“Dr. Norman L. Geisler is one of the foremost defenders of the Christian faith today.” Josh McDowell

                                                                                             4-Part Series / 25 minutes each