Exposing Hollywood's Seductive Power on You and Your Family

Never before have so many media alternatives been available to the masses: Movies, TV, Music, Computer Games, MTV, The News, The Internet.. All are in fierce competition for our time, money, and affections, is there any cause for alarm? This hard hitting investigation takes you inside the multi-billion dollar a year entertainment / communications industry and examines its impact on society.
This eye-opening video offers an astonishing examination into the effects of Movies, TV, News Journalism, Music, Video Games and Cyberspace on today's society.
Is the entertainment industry largely responsible for society's declining morals and loss of traditional values? Do we need to be concerned about the shocking rise in media inspired crimes of sex and violence? Are we being entertained to death by multi-billion dollar media conglomerates? Is the frightening social engineering of behavior and language through the arts part of a global conditioning process?
Well known media experts give their opinions in hard-hitting interviews and offer advice on monitoring the media and protecting our children.

                                                                                                              Running Time: 45 Minutes