What the Bible Says About Child Training is the title of a bestselling Christian book (250,000 copies) and of a seminar nominated "Best Film Series" by the Christian Film Distributors in 1981. This material is unique in that the subject is handled solely from the Biblical viewpoint. The author accepts the Bible as absolute truth and as infinitely superior to any human system of thinking. There has been no attempt to modify God’s word to make it compatible with human philosophies, psychology, sociology, religious views, or public opinion.
What the Bible Says About Child Training has been accepted by many Bible-believing churches as the standard text on child training since 1980. It has now been translated into seven foreign languages. This is a study designed to help parents to better understand their role and to reveal the mechanics for successfully raising children. To accomplish these ends this book will carefully define parental accountability, authority, and responsibility. It also describes the nature of a child and explains his Biblically-defined stages of development. With these principles firmly established, the book will present the Biblical system for training children.
This system is divided into two distinct phases, controlling and teaching. The control phase is the establishment of the parents’ right of ruler ship over the will of the child. When parents can control their children, they have laid the necessary foundation for the fulfilment of the Biblical commandment for children to obey their parents. The teaching phase can only be accomplished by parents who have first trained their children to obey. This is because, before a child will receive the instructions of his parents, he must first respect their word; and before he will respect their word, he must first become obedient.

About the Author

J. Richard Fugate personally accepted Jesus Christ as his Savior and was baptized into the Body of Christ at Reinhardt Bible Church in Garland, Texas, in 1968. The Fugate family attended various Bible churches in Dallas, Austin, Phoenix, and Sacramento over the years.

After committing himself in 1971 to serve God anywhere, or in any manner he might be called, Mr. Fugate learned Greek and studied many thousands of hours in the original languages of the Old and New Testament texts. He did not rely on existing systematic Theologies or Bible commentaries; convinced that he needed to perform his own exegesis and word studies to confirm doctrines that are substantiated by Scripture alone. He founded the Foundation for Biblical Research (FBR) in 1979 "to determine the one true meaning of Scripture based on honest research and a scientifically sound system of hermeneutics." All of Mr. and Mrs. Fugate’s books are written based on that research.

Soon after his commitment to God, Mr. Fugate was called as Business Manager of Accelerated Christian Education. Soon thereafter, Mr. and Mrs. Fugate were led to start a Christian school in Garland, Texas, based on the experience of home-schooling their own three children for several years. In 1982 he was hired as CEO of A.O.P. where he served 13 years. Mr. Fugate has also been a Keynote Speaker at over 40 State home-school conventions over the years and has written three books on that topic.  When A.O.P. was taken over in 1995, the Fugate’s went on the road speaking on Biblical marriage, child training, and home-schooling while writing 2nd editions of their popular books. Mr. Fugate later served as Business Manager of Family Ministries from 2000 through 2004.

Mr. Fugate is currently functioning full time as Director of the Foundation for Biblical Research in Apache Junction, AZ and continues to teach and write on Bible-Based Theology. He has also served as a teaching elder in his local church.



We are so grateful for your ministry to the Lord’s people through the years. Your materials have been a great blessing to my husband and me. I am teaching a small class of ladies in our church whose husbands are preparing for the ministry. My topic is child rearing and I am highly recommending your book, What the Bible Says About Child Training. It is the single resource we have most recommended as my husband and I have served in Christian School ministries in the 80’s and then in home schooling circles during the 90’s.Thank you again for your ministry to so many of us as we have sought to rear our children according to the Scriptures. Our four sons have completed their Christian college training. Two are going to the mission field; the other two are in full time Christian service. They are now rearing their children according to the principles of the Word of God. You have had a great part in helping us with their training. Thank you. You may use our names and testimony in any way that will advance the cause of Christ as we teach the Biblical rearing of our children. --Virginia and Bruce Arnold

I have read and reread What the Bible Says About Child Training. Your book helped me understand God’s philosophy for raising children and gave me the methods to apply in everyday life. I’ve also taught child training classes to women, and even broadcasted a nine part series over the radio here in Zambia. I can’t really express the value of that knowledge, except that it saved my life and that of my three girls. My oldest is now in her second year of college, choosing to be a Christian in the midst of plenty of ungodly temptation. My second will complete high school in June (we home-school here in Zambia) and wants to study nursing. My youngest was the hardest to train, since her type of rebellion was buried and I could never put my finger on it until she reached her teens. Pretty scary, but God has been gracious to us. We still have time and she sees herself pretty clearly now. God has been good to fulfil His promises. My girls have thanked me profusely and often for disciplining them, especially when they see other teens act horribly. They are not embarrassed by their mother, but heap affection and love on her (Proverbs 31:28)." --Personal letter from Joan Hansston, Mazabuka, Zambia