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"Biblical Principles for Africa is an awesome handbook and it needs to be in the hands of every one of our people. We need God fearing men and women in government."
Mrs. Cheryllyn Dudley, MP

"I am very grateful to you for sending me Biblical Principles for Africa and for your prayers. With the task I have ahead of me, I really need God’s wisdom and thank you for your foresight."
Dr Bingu wa Mutharika, President of the Republic of Malawi

"Dr. Peter Hammond’s new book Biblical Principles for Africa has been needed for a long time. This book is full of spiritual and civic education of the world, awareness against sin, the world and the devil; not only that, the development of the whole human being in mind, body and spirit. To fight against three enemies - disease, poverty and ignorance which has affected the war-torn South Sudan, Nuba Mountains and Blue Nile regions of Sudan. This book has touched the human life politically, socially, economically and religiously. Biblical Principles for Africa well summarises the key points, and is full of material for capacity building; with historical background and Biblical foundations. I appeal to Dr. Hammond to write more books by the help of the Holy Spirit. Biblical Principles for Africa is highly recommended."
Bishop Bullen Dolli, Lui Diocese, Episcopal Church of Sudan

"Not everyone will agree with Peter Hammond’s stance on all things. However, Biblical Principles for Africa is a challenge to the current acceptance of a value system that is foreign to the Bible. Peter’s rapid-fire approach to a vast range of issues should at least provoke thought and discussion amongst those who read his very useful little book."
Bishop Frank Retief, Presiding Bishop, Church of England in South Africa

"I am very impressed with Biblical Principles for Africa. I feel that this small book cannot be only for Africa but the world at large. It will help both the African Christian Leaders as well as world Christian Leaders. It will also be useful for the community leaders as well as family heads to enable them promote our moral and ethical values. I therefore, highly recommend it to be widely used by Christian leaders, parliamentarians, community leaders and heads of families. May God bless it to be fruitful, to influence and change the lives of leaders in our society."
Rev. Canon Kenneth Baringwa, Mundri Diocese, Episcopal Church of Sudan.

"This comprehensive yet concise book, Biblical Principles for Africa, by Dr Peter Hammond is a wonderful handbook which highlights the values which flow from the Biblical truths that should govern our society and our behaviour. It provides a basis for a successful God centred society as opposed to a failing secular humanist people centred society. This book is a blessing and should be studied by everyone seeking real peace and progress in our land. It is a proven road-map for success in South Africa and Africa."
Hon. KDS Durr - MP, Past Ambassador and High Commissioner for South Africa to the Court of St. James, London

"Whether Christian readers agree or disagree with the line taken in every section of Biblical Principles for Africa, they will find the volume educational, controversial and creatively proactive. If it helps any to apply their Christian faith more deeply to Africa’s compelling issues at this time, I am sure the author will feel well rewarded."
Michael Cassidy, President of Africa Enterprise

"Biblical Principles for Africa is a precious and graphic summary of what all nations need to do, to escape the destructiveness of humanism. Thank you very much for sending this treasure to me. This book must get into the hands of our leaders, civil authorities, Church leaders, NGOs; my president and his cabinet members must have copies of Biblical Principles for Africa. The parliamentarians, Governors, local government chairmen. Fathers and mothers must have their copies of Biblical Principles For Africa. This book should be reprinted here in Nigeria. Watch-out, this little book is going to bring sanity to many nations."
Rev. Timothy Humphrey, Intensive Evangelism Network, Port Harcourt, Nigeria.

"Biblical Principles for Africa is an excellent handbook that will challenge us all and become a valuable tool in our Christian witness in a heathen secular world. Much of my lifelong preaching has majored on Christ and His guidelines and rules for a God-pleasing and God-ordained life for the lost world - all themes which Biblical Principles for Africa explores. I am sure it will have an impact in our nation. Biblical Principles for Africa has such a clear ring of truth, commendation of God’s Holy Will and Purpose, that I wish it will have a tremendous impact upon the people of South Africa. As many more people get disillusioned with unworkable und unholy Government policies and projects, my prayer is that many will turn to the Scriptures which you have so ably expounded."
Rev. Fritz Haus, Stellenbosch, South Africa

"Dr Peter Hammond must be congratulated by all Christians who believe in Biblical truth for writing this masterpiece Biblical Principles for Africa. His bold and direct approach in confronting serious issues facing the nations is admirable. Above all his commitment to Scripture and belief in Biblical solutions for all problems in this age of compromise is refreshing and encouraging. The major problem facing our nation today is crime. Our humanist government is failing to stop this scourge of crime because they do not know why people commit crime so readily. We all know that you cannot offer a solution for a problem you have not identified. Dr Peter Hammond has accurately identified the causes of crime and has consequently offered Biblical solutions for those problems.If government does not heed his words of advise and wisdom based on God’s Word, then they will never eradicate crime from our streets and homes.

"South Africans will have to prepare themselves to either live with crime with the present government in power for the rest of their lives or to vote into office a new government that will heed the wisdom of God’s Word and fearlessly apply Biblical principles to contemporary problems.

"I highly recommend Dr Hammond’s book Biblical Principles for Africa to all Christians who want to inform themselves about what the Bible says regarding the problems facing us as a nation. But for those Christians who want to be part of the solution this book is a must read as it will equip them in how to apply Biblical solutions to contemporary problems."
Rev. Dr. Kenneth Meshoe, MP, Presisdent of the African Christian Democratic Party.

"If you want to read one Christian book that will stop you thinking like the world, get you thinking Biblically, by someone who is active practicing what he preaches then read this one. You need Biblical Prinicples for Africa to help you understand the world we live in."
Douglas Shaw Economist and CEO: Global Intellegence Fund Management

"The question is often asked: why is Africa so beset by such enormous problems and tragedies? War, poverty, disease and now the killer which threatens to wipe out millions of Africans, HIV/AIDS. What are the reasons for our continent topping lists of needy countries for handouts by other successful nations? Why shouldn’t Africa itself be a provider for other developing nations in Asia and South America?


"The prosperity of every nation depends on how it responds to Biblical principles. Poverty and misery are guaranteed when God’s Word is deliberately neglected. In the same way blessings and prosperity are assured for all peoples who take God’s commands seriously. "This is plainly declared in Deuteronomy 28. In this eternally valid promise God vows that He will set that nation ’high above all the nations of the earth’ if they ’diligently observe all His commandments’. The blessings in the next 13 verses will ’overtake’ the person and that nation which carefully observes Biblical principles. The same Scripture passage also promises all manner of awful consequences upon those who do not obey God’s commandments. The evidence of verses 14 to 68 can be observed every day.

"Biblical Principles for Africa is a manual on the way of blessing, for individuals, nations, Africa and the world. The author, Dr Peter Hammond, is not writing about theories that are of no earthly use. He has worked for over twenty years in African nations, has observed the cultures, problems and sins which destroy millions of lives. The principles in this book are based on the tried and proved principles of God’s Word. I advise you to study this book for yourself, promote it in your church, send it to family and friends, and give copies to government officials in your area.


"If people in Africa begin to practice the values found in Biblical Principles for Africa then we can truly pray ’Nkosi Sikelela iAfrica’."
From the Foreword by Rev Erlo Stegen (Director of Kwasizabantu Mission)


Biblical Principles for Africa.

Book Report by Joseph Cave

If Christians are to take the Great Commission seriously, we must diligently study what He desires to see in the hearts and lives of the people that we live amongst. God gave us the whole Bible, not just the New Testament. It is in the Bible that we learn how God wants the four forms of government (individual, family, church, and civil) to live and act. It is by these Biblical principles that God shows His favour and His blessings.

So what are these principles, and where can they be found? What would the effects on our families, communities, and government be if these principles were followed? And are there repercussions if we don’t follow them? These questions and a lot more, are put forward in Biblical Principles for Africa. In this book we are given a bird’s eye-view of two opposing worldviews. And these worldviews affect every area of our lives. From what we think, to how we act. The education that we put our children through, to how we spend our time at home. There isn’t an area that our worldview doesn’t affect.

Biblical Principles for Africa presents two opposing worldviews. Biblical Christianity and Secular Humanism. Since Genesis chapter 3 there has been a war over whose law will humanity submit to. Will it be God’s Law or man’s?

Hedonistic Humanism

All people are religious. Everyone worships someone or something. It may be a deity, or the material world, or some form of both. Humanism can easily be defined as, “The placing of man at the centre of all things and making him the measure of all things.” Pg.93. It is with this understanding that the standard of man’s truth will be his ideas, what he thinks is right or wrong, it could even be what/how he feels. And it is because of this arbitrary standard that Humanism is hedonistic, meaning self-serving. So then how does the humanist live? The humanist worldview can easily be broken down into the following points. One of the core belief that Humanists hold to is Atheism. This is the belief that there is no God. This would lead to a major problem because then how do they explain the natural world? Their answer for this is evolution, which is their second core belief. Atheism depends on evolution to explain the origin of the world, so that they (the atheists) can maintain their position, opposing the idea that there is a God. While you can have evolution without atheism, I would argue that you cannot have atheism without evolution. So then what about ethics? Because they are atheistic in their theology, Humanism takes an amoral view of ethics. Some common statements from a Humanist would be, “There are no absolutes!” or “What is true for you is not true for me.” On the subject of psychology they teach self-actualization, “It’s all about you.” And Humanists are strong proponents for economic equality, via socialism. Their long term goal is globalism, a unified humanity, which is classless and equal in all things. In the end Humanism lives for the here and now. Get what you can, while you can. Their idea of eternity is living a long and prosperous life.

The Fruit of Humanism

“The inevitable results of humanism are seen in the totalitarianism and the massacres of the communist East and in the permissiveness and decadence of the democratic West.” Pg. 1. If we take a cursory look at two areas of life, we can begin to formulate a picture of what humanism has to offer. The first area is education; “Secular Humanist education attempts to kill God by eradicating Him from the classroom and from the minds of the next generation. By eliminating the Bible as the basis for all knowledge, humanists remove the very foundation of truth. They prohibit the only objective standard by which reality can be evaluated.” Pg. 10. The consequences are devastating. Teen pregnancy is rampant, pornography is astronomically high, which is encouraging abusive relationships, rapes and murders. The normalization of violence and sexuality in the classroom has led to major community and national problems.

The second area that we can look into is politics. If you remove the Bible, then you remove the objective standard of truth, which opens up the door for anything and everything being accepted. In South Africa, abortion on demand was legalized in 1997. And since then “…80,000 babies are killed by abortion…each year.” Pg.9. The government has legalized the publication of pornography. Which has resulted in over a 400% increase in child rape. These are just a few example of the fruit of Humanism. If allowed to go unchecked it will continue to corrupt the hearts and minds of people across the globe. Resulting in collapsed societies, ruined families, and tyrannical governments. By ignoring that mankind can only find their true identity under the Lordship of God, Humanism takes upon itself the role of humanity’s guardian. Defending humanity against Bible believing, God honouring Christianity. But the inevitable consequence is that Humanism only destroys mankind.

A Burden for Biblical Principles

The Bible clearly lays out four areas of government; personal, family, Church and civil. These roles of governance are clearly and separately presented to us in God’s Law Word. Although they are separate and distinct from one another, they are never free from each other. An example that we could look at is the issue of Church and state. Who is given the job of punishing those who commit murder? How about educating the masses? These questions and more are clearly answered when we seriously look into the perfect standard of truth, The Bible.

Personal Government

When God laid down His Law He made it a personal law. It was not just a law that spoke about how “society” was to behave. When the Command, “You shall not murder” was given it spoke directly to the person. While Asian philosophers have not been known for their Biblical understanding, they did hit the nail on the head when they said, “whoever rules the mind, rules the body” This is very true because if the individual is ruled by the eternal Law Word of God, they would diligently strive to keep His commands, because if he is not ruled by a clear objective standard, the only other option is chaos.

Family Government

This is the second of the two foundational forms of government. If there is not good self, or personal, government the family will not have good government. And if there is bad family government then society breaks down. Family government extends the personal application of the Law of God to how the home is run. As well as to the next generation. By raising children that respect law and order, the family continues to 1) extend the influence of the Bible, and 2) also to bless the local community, because it is not promoting lawlessness and raising law breakers. A good example of good family government can be seen in the keeping of the 7th commandment. While this commandment says, “You shall not commit adultery.” The implications of sex outside of marriage can easily be seen in “teenage love” which is nothing more than license to sin. Like adultery, fornication opens up the door for the corruption, and deterioration of the family. The responsibility for training up a child falls to both father and mother. If fornication is permitted the consequences will have to be lived with. Consequences, like, single mothers, abortion, and promiscuous lifestyles. A Biblical family structure will teach children how they should live, under God’s Law, as well as how they are to live alongside their neighbor. While a school can do a LOT to train a child, the family is the best place for children to be educated.

Church and Civil Government

Much has been written concerning the separation of Church and State, and I am convinced much more will be debated and committed to paper before eternity comes. But if we are serious about reforming our countries for the glory of God, then we are obliged to investigate and apply the principles found in the Bible. I personally see these two forms of government as two halves of a tree trunk. As personal and family government make up the solid foundation, Church and State spring up as two main branches. Neither one is above the other, for God not would have the one interfere in the other’s business. While the State alone is given the power of capital punishment, and enforcing penalties for breaking the Law, they are not permitted to get involved with the ministries of the Church. The Church cannot make the State feed the poor through taxes, likewise the State cannot put to death anyone who does not attend church. The Churches primary role is to proclaim the whole counsel of God. Teaching, training and disciplining its congregant members to serve God. “He has shown you, O man, what is good; and what does the Lord require of you but to do justly, to love mercy, and to walk humbly with your God?” Micah 6:8

The role of the state is to protect the property and lives of its citizens. “For rulers are not a terror to good works, but to evil. Do you want to be unafraid of the authority? Do what is good, and you will have praise from the same. For he is God’s minister to you for good. But if you do evil, be afraid; for he does not bear the sword in vain; for he is God’s minister, an avenger to execute wrath on him who practices evil.” Romans 13:3-4

It accomplishes this by punishing wrong doers.


An Ultimatum

The take away that Dr. Peter Hammond gives in this birds eye view of what Africa needs, to be honest the whole world needs it, is that Africa, must be anchored in the Bible, and what it has to say about the whole of life. But, this book is also an ultimatum. It says very clearly that if you will not submit to God and His Law, you will be accepting Humanism. Which will only take us further downhill. So then the questions is what will it be? God’s Law or Chaos?

“…choose for yourselves this day whom you will serve…” Joshua 24:15

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