1.    Missions in the Bible

           2.    How to Succeed in Missions

           3.    Adoniram & Anne Judson - America’s First Foreign Missionaries

           4.   In the Killing Fields of Mozambique & Angola

           5.   Evangelising in the War Zones of Rwanda & The Nuba Mountains

           6.   Serving the Suffering in Sudan

           7.   Zambia - From Communism to Christianity

           8.   Zambia for Christ

           9.   The Christian Heritage of Rhodesia

          10.   Zimbabwe in Ruins

          11.   Serving the Suffering in Zimbabwe

          12.   Coping with Crisis Situations

          13.   In the Lions Den

          14.   How to Fail in Life

          15.   The Power of Prayer

          16.   The Greatest Man Who Ever Lived

          17.   A Missionary Vision of Victory

          18.   Without a Vision a People Perish

          19.   A World to Win

          20.   David Livingstone - Missionary Pioneer

          21.   I am not Ashamed of the Gospel

          22.   The Greatness of the Great Commission