The sex industry enslaves millions of women, men and children, but Jesus’ followers are fighting back.

Dawn Jewell weaves the stories of individual victims with a careful examination of the realities that propelled them into prostitution in North America, Europe, Asia, Africa and Latin America. Alongside, she highlights ministries that are reaching one life at a time through prayerful visits to strip clubs, bars and brothels. The transforming power of the Gospel shines in men and women who have left lives of sexual exploitation and started new lives of dignity.  

Dawn traveled to Athens, London,Amsterdam, Brazil, the Philippines and beyond to interview exploited men and women and hear their stories firsthand. She trekked alongside volunteers and leaders to red light districts to discover how Christians extend a hand to people without hope.

Foreword by

Timothy C. Morgan deputy managing editor

Christianity Today

This book will help:

1.      Equip you with greater understanding from a biblical perspective

2.      Jump start your personal, family or community’s desires to take action

3.      Provide ideas, resources and direction for next steps